Latest news at Asia Fruit Logistica

It’s been a week since Asia Fruit Logistica (AFL),  ended up, and we want to thank all of you for coming visiting us and know more about […]

Ozeano at Asia Fruit Logistica

Asia Fruit Logistica trade show (that takes place in Hong Kong) it’s the essential meeting that gathers the fresh fruit and vegetable business of Asian market. […]
apple ethylene

Why do fruits and vegetables produce ethylene? Avoid premature spoiling

Ethylene (C2H4) is a gas produced naturally by fruits and vegetables during its metabolism. It is a hormone that controls the growth, ripening and ageing of […]

Ethylene Absorption Solution at Fruit Logistica 2018

Ozeano will be at Fruit Logistica 2018 with their Ethylene absorption solutions. Fruit Logistica is the main fair worldwide in the fruit and vegetable industry sector. […]
Gas etileno - Frutas y verduras

Ethylene, responsible for fruit and vegetables ripening

Ethylene is a natural gas considered the “ageing hormone of plants”. This gas is responsible for fruits and vegetables ripening. Ethylene makes fruits and vegetables change […]