Quality Policy

The management of OZEANO URDINA conscious of the increasing importance that is acquiring the concept of quality in the current market, wants to firmly establish its compromise with the quality. OZEANO is company specialised in providing solutions for efficiently preserving vegetable products during the stages of refrigerated transport and storage.

This Policy reaches to all levels of its organization, both the Management and the rest of the staff, and it is based in accomplishing the maximum satisfaction of costumers in a measurable way and that improves continuously, through an efficient service that makes available solutions for the conservation of vegetable products with the increasing legal regulation to which they are subject. An aspect that finally will result also fundamental in basing quality objectives in the relationship with the suppliers.

The general objectives, understood as compromises, that OZEANO pretends to accomplish with the daily enforcement of the quality directives are the followings:

  • A continuous contact with the intern and external interested parts, to detect their needs and expectations, a fact that would help them to the continuous improvement.
  • Assure that merchandized and distributed products comply with the specifications, norms, and legal and regulated requirements, assuring that clients and other interested parts requirements are determined and complied.
  • Improve continuously the effectiveness of the Management system, developing training programs in technological and Quality aspects, assuring the in very moment the availability of the resources and the establishment of the appropriate systems of monitoring and measuring of the process and the analysis of the obtained information.
  • Train, motivate and involve all the staff in the management and development of the System of Quality Management. The quality acts as an integration and satisfaction element for workers, which thanks to it, they are and they feel more part of the organization and its objectives.

To reach this general objectives, the Manager annually establishes a range of particular quality objectives.

The management of OZEANO is compromised to a wide range of task; to spread this Policy in a way that can be understood by the Organization, to assure that its availability for the interested part and also to revise it periodically to assure its continuous adaptation to the ARTIC’s purpose.


Pablo Múgica