Who we are

Specialists in the control and modification of the atmospheres of refrigerated spaces.

Development and manufacturing of products and solutions for the conservation of vegetable products.

An efficient post-harvest will increase the quality and extend the useful life and, therefore, final losses will be reduced.

There are enormous losses in the post-harvest:
5% - 25% in industrialised countries
20% - 50% in developing countries


We consider the research and development of new products an essential factor, not as a statement of principles, but as a reality that gives concrete and innovative results:

  • European patent No. 12844430.4 for "Ethylene absorption filter for refrigerated spaces" in which we protect our invention of a new ethylene absorption filter which prevents staining problems in refrigerated containers.
  • Patent P201101276/7 "Method to keep a permanent relative humidity in storage areas and transport for perishable products".
  • Ozeano keeps developing its own patents acquiring related technologies.


We focus on the needs of our clients and develop solutions with our technological and scientific partners.

Agro-Science and polymers

Leading Quality and Testing in the agri-food sector in the Basque Country

Public University of the Basque Country

Alicante Public University